Stem Cell Hair Transplant


In today’s world of fast-advancing medicine, it is no surprise that mankind has made leaps and bounds in its efforts to eradicate diseases and disorders. Stem Cell research is one such area, which originated as research to cure diseases, but has in fact, turned out to be a viable answer for quite a lot of other things as well, such as baldness, which can be considered petty in comparison. However, the truth is that stem cell hair transplant is very much a possibility now, and it could mean that people who have lost hair now no longer need to be worried about how to get it back.

Stem Cell research is quite simply, the use of stem cells in order to create a viable treatment for any disease, disorder or condition that might exist, such as baldness. Stem Cells are the cells of the human body which can transform into specialized cells depending on the environment and the requirement, effectively making them the jack of all trades. Stem cell hair transplant would be the process in which people would have modified stem cells transplanted into their head, and these would sprout the growth of new hair. Studies have proved this to be quite possible, though there is still quite a bit of stigma attached to the idea of stem cells being used for any sort of treatment.

There are a number of different benefits attached to being on the receiving end of stem cell hair transplant. The first and foremost of those which stands out is the fact that unlike other hair fall treatments, you only have to undergo this process once, after which everything else simply regrows out naturally. This saves you from having to make multiple trips to the clinic, and indeed, quite a bit of money in the process as well. Normal hair transplants are a costly process, and can be quite painful at times as well. Within just 3 weeks of your stem cell transplant, you will find new hair growing out, making up for all the confidence you might have lost due to your condition, and all the stares you may have gotten.

While baldness is no longer seen as badly as it was before, and indeed, it has become somewhat of a fad as well, but people still wish to see themselves back with hair on their heads. In this endeavor of theirs, stem cell hair transplant is the best answer that you can want, since, the positives outweigh the negligible negatives. Apart from the stigma associated with stem cell therapy, there is no other reason why any person should give up a viable method to get back a full lustrous mane of hair, and that right there, is the biggest reason why you can opt for it. It was seen to be controversial at one point of time, but nowadays, stem cell research is nothing to be scared of, and instead, you can go for it with minimal fuss.


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